Think about it like having the roadmap to your goals created for you while having a professional coach by your side. I can check on you in and out of your sessions as well as tracking several data on a weekly and monthly basis which create in-depth accountability for you and the best is that you do it all on your own schedule !
It includes your personalized workout program, nutrition guidance, habits coaching, health and data tracking, unlimited access to messages with me inside the app and a weekly check in. You will also get access to many educational content that will help you build more knowledge to implement in your day to day life.
100% I’ll be available everyday to communicate with you if needed. I’ll post feedback on each workout you complete. You can also ask questions or leave comments after each workout. Once per week we will have a check in where I will personally review your week progress, your activity, energy level, what has been going great and what could be improved so you can start every week with more knowledge and confidence about your goals. I’m here for you and we are in this together !
After our initial consultation I’ll get a clear idea of your goals and lifestyle, taking those into consideration, I will advise you on the ideal amount of sessions that you could do per week, but at the end you are in total control of this, if you already know the exact time you can dedicate to it, I will then design a program that can fit into this routine in the best possible way so it is sustainable for you.
If you stick to the advice provided (and you don’t have any underlying health issues), then there is absolutely NO REASON to why you shouldn’t achieve the results you desire.
Making the decision to up-level your health and fitness can be a scary thing… but it’s good scary! It’s necessary to come out of your comfort zone in order to grow. Everything in your program will be pre-agreed between us. That means you won’t be asked to commit to more workouts than you can handle, and any nutrition and lifestyle tasks will be delivered step by step to empower you to form great habits over time. Consistency really is the name of the game here, and of course, I’ll be there every step of the way to nudge you in the right direction, ready to provide a gentle, loving kick up the bum where necessary. At the end of the day, it boils down to how much you really want to reach your goals. Are you prepared to do what it takes?
Not a problem at all, I can design a home program for you. Depending on your fitness level and goals, it might be required for you to have a set of resistance bands and a set of dumbbells. If you already have specific equipment at home I can design a program based on those as well. If you’re thinking about buying some equipment to keep at home, I’ll be able to advise on the best pieces to suit your personal needs.
Online fitness coaching is ideal if you travel a lot ! Part of this process with me is teaching you how to do this and maintain this lifestyle around things like work and travel. You can still manage while you do both. I can design a program for you that you can do without gym access or with the equipment that you have at your disposal while traveling, if any.
Yes. I want you to enjoy your nutrition, I’ll help you incorporate the foods you love into your diet in a balanced way. – real magic happens when you shape your current eating habits into something that uplifts your health and performance. I will also help you gain knowledge towards a simple but better way to prepare your meals, include the right nutrients and understand the basics about nutrition.
I program your workout so it’s the correct intensity for you every step of the way. Even if you are brand new to weight training or fitness in general I take into account the following : past injuries, workout experience, current lifestyle factors, workouts preferences, gym set up, personality. I prioritize safety, effectiveness and suitability to your unique situation. My approach is to meet every client at their current level of capability, which means you won’t be given any exercises I’m not 100% sure you can complete safely. That said, sometimes it takes a couple of tries and practice to get something right, so make use of the video upload feature and send me clips of your technique for feedback! I’ll see how your exercise form is progressing overtime so I can give you feedback on how hard to push which exercises and which exercises need a bit more fine tuning before adding intensity. I’ve got your back.
Yes I can definitely help you, We all started somewhere ! I know how overwhelming it can be and how you feel so I will create the map for you and you’ll just need to follow along the steps, you’ll be at ease sooner than you think ! There is no minimum fitness level required to start online coaching.
To become an online PT client you can book your free consultation on this website. We’ll have a chat about your goals and level of commitment before anything else so we can be 100% sure I’m the coach for you. I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted as a client because of the limited clients I can accommodate. I can, however, promise a friendly chat where we’ll get to know each other, you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions, and come away with a little more clarity and direction on your goals.


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